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The coastal town of Belmullet (Irish: Béal an Mhuirthead, meaning 'mouth of the mullet'), is the capital of the Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking) region in the barony of Erris, County Mayo, Ireland. Belmullet has two bays, Blacksod Bay and Broadhaven Bay, joined by Carter's canal running through the town.

With its shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, banks, arts centre and other amenities, Belmullet is the commercial and cultural centre of Erris. It is the perfect place to take a holiday at precisely your own pace, with some of the most glorious and unspoilt beaches on the west coast of Ireland.

Whether you like to stroll along winding country roads, laze on an almost deserted beach or go surfing, hill-walking or cycling, Belmullet is the answer to all your holiday requirements.

Watersports and water based activities play a large part in the attractions of Belmullet and the Erris region. If you are always hoping to catch the 'big one', sea-angling in Erris could do the trick, with over 39 varieties of fish known to inhabit the waters here.

The crystal clear waters of the Atlantic ocean around the Belmullet and Blacksod Peninsula offer spectacular diving opportunities.

The Islands

The Inishkea Islands, just off the Erris coast, are rich in history, heritage and mythology. The Islands are a unique habitat for approx 200 plant species and over 85 types of resident and migrating birds and are home to the largest flock of Barnacle Geese in Ireland.

Eachléim (Aughleam) Erris

Eachléim (in english Aughleam or sometimes Aghleam) is an area of great scenic beauty and tranquillity on the Mullet Peninsula in North West Mayo.

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